Santa Barbara Flower Essences

How Do I Use My Flower Essences?

You can find the techniques that suit you best. We will show you several ways to use your flower essences. You can pick your favorites, the ones that feel most natural to you. Feel free to experiment!

Traditional Use. The most common way to use your flower essences is to place one drop on or under your tongue 3-4 times a day, over a period of time. It is very effective to put them into your routine in this consistent manner. If two times a day works better for you, you may want to take them upon rising in the morning and before sleep, both very powerful times. You can use drops directly from our concentrate bottles, make your own dosage bottle, or add several drops to your water bottle to sip throughout the day.

Length of use can range from a single dose to as long as a year for a core issue. Most often essences are used for a period of weeks. Once your body no longer wants an essence or blend, you may find yourself forgetting to take it, which means you are done. Sometimes when people are first introduced to flower essences, they may want many of them at once, tapering off after an initial, “getting to know you” period. Others are happiest getting to know one essence at a time.

Intuitive Use. Just as many people choose flower essences intuitively by picking the ones that pop out for them, you can also let your intuition guide their use. Whenever you feel you want a bit of balance or feel drawn to a particular essence, you can use them in that moment. Your intuition may lead you to create a personal blend to address an issue, or for long term use. An economical way to do this is to make a dosage bottle. (See Dosage Bottles below).

Creative Use. As liquids, flower essences can easily be added in creative ways to many items or tasks. You can add them to any beverage, hot or cold, foods you are eating (or cooking), baby bottles, bathwater, lotions and creams, massage oil, laundry rinse cycles, ironing water, paints or other art materials, to name a few. You can also add them to a spray bottle with your favorite essential oils for a refreshing spritz in the air or on your pillow. Get creative!

Dosage Bottles. You can make your own dosage bottle from your concentrates in the following manner. Purchase a one ounce dropper bottle. Determine which essences will be in your blend. Choose whether you want one essence or a blend. Place 3 drops of each essence concentrate into your bottle. Add a teaspoon or two of vodka or brandy and fill the rest of the dropper bottle with pure water. A dose is one dropperful. Be sure to label it with your name and date in case other family members have their own dosage bottles! Dosage bottles are a convenient way to take essences for a long term issue. They are also great for travel. Determine whether you will be using a single essence or a blend of essences, and gather your concentrates.

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